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21   |   Back to School Night

22   |   Early Out

22   |   First Day of School

23   |   Early Out

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25   |   Early Out


4   |   Labor Day- No School

2017-18 School Calendar

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Fremont Cone Parent Night

Fremont Cone Parent Night


Wednesday night, November 5th will be the Fremont Cone Parent Night at Fremont High School.  It will be starting at 6:30 and should be done by 8:00.  We will have some excellent presenters that will be covering Internet Safety, Bullying/Harassment, Suicide Prevention and Substance Abuse.  Some of our community partners will also be at tables with resources for our families.  Fremont High is offering Attendance Credit for the students and/or parents that attend.  Remind high school students that need attendance credit to be there.  Weber Human Services has also put together some baskets with donated items that will be given out as part of a free drawing.