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Kanesville Elementary attended the VEX IQ state robotics competition in Farmington on March 4, 2017. Before going to state, Kanesville attended 3 competitions. Kanesville received funding from some very generous donors and parents who stepped up to help out: Skidmore Transportation, Asphalt Preservation, Doxey Family Chiropractic, Universal Synaptics, and Bryron Bosshardt with Ridgeline Realty.

Kanesville sent four teams that were randomly chosen from interested 5th and 6th grade students. Each team had between 6-10 students. They worked together as teams to design, build, drive, record and autonomously program a robot, as well as create a STEM project all within the theme of the year.

In the 1st competition, at WIC, Kanesville swept STEM with a 1st, two-tied 2nd place, and 4th place awards, also having some of the students make it into the top 16.

At the next competition at DaVinci Academy, the students made it into the top 16 for finals, one team won the Overall Design Award, and another team won the STEM award overall. Kanesville then decided to attend one more competition.

As the year ended, 3 out of 4 Kanesville teams were invited to compete at the State Competition. One team made it into the top 16 finals, and another team WON the overall STEM award and was invited to attend and compete in the World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kanesville was one of the very few elementary-aged students to be invited to the World Competition. These students and amazing teachers have put in many hours preparing and attending these events. They are so grateful at how hard these students have worked!


A couple of months ago two girls from Kanesville helped raise money for a little girl that was in a horrible skating accident.  The amazing community at Kanesville raised over $4,000 for Tayton Timothy in THREE DAYS!  Tayton is starting to feel better but before she goes back to her school she stopped by Kanesville to say THANK YOU today!  She was treated like roalty with the whole crowd yelling "TAYTON!".  The students at Kanesville are amazing!  To surprise her while she was visiting we had a Miami Dolphin's player, Zach Vigil, stop by to give her a ball and some pink "girl" gloves.  THANK YOU to everyone that has helped!  K-TOWN ROCKS!  


A SURPRISE Welcome Home for a Cougar Pa before the Holidays!  Thank You to everyone fighting for our country this holiday season!


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