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Fourth Grade Supply List

Our school will provide the basic supplies necessary to help your student be successful in 4th grade.

However, in order to enhance your child's learning experience, we would appreciate the following donations for each child to use during the school year:


2 composition notebooks (non-spiral)

Colored pencils

1 thin-line felt tip pen for mapping and labeling

2 reams copy paper - white

1 large box of tissue

1 roll of paper towels

1 container sanitizing wipes (not face wipes)

Scotch glue sticks

1 plastic expandable file with 4-5 pockets

1 package - 5 pocketed plastic binder dividers

1 checking pen

1 pencil and crayon pouch

Extra pencils

1 or 2 dry erase markers

1" sturdy binder

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