2018 February Meeting Minutes

Community Council Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2018    1:30-2:30 pm

Attending: Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Amy Berry, Colette Erickson, Justin Willie, Nic Shellabarger, Lory Peterson, Kenny Olsen and Alicia Coats

  1. Welcome-Alicia Coats
    • Approval of Minutes: Justin approved, second by Lynne Hamp
  2. Jean Hansen- DIBEL’s
    • Jean explained how DIBEL’s work, how they are managed in Kanesville and how each student is tested.
    • Nic requested that students are encouraged to read without speed but with more intensive thinking.
  1. 6th Grade Dance-Lori Lay
    • Kanesville’s 6th Grade was attacked by the media. Horrible emails and messages came into the school with a misunderstanding of what was going on.
    • We have an amazing school and a wonderful support of the teachers. Everything was handled correctly and the students had a great time.
  1. Mr. Willie- Trustland Review
    • 2018-19 Plan will need to be approved digitally.
    • Our school plan is effective and had benefited our school using most of the allocated funds for aides in the classrooms.
    • We are projecting $74,000 for next year’s plan
    • Due: March 9, 2018

Dismissed at 2:30

Next Meeting: April 25, 2018 @1:30pm