2017 April Community Council Minutes

Community Council Minutes

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:30pm

Attending: Alicia Coats, Justin Willie, Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Tom Ruiz, Christi Warr & Kenny Olsen

  • Welcome
  • Justin announced that the 2017-18 Budget Plan was approved.  He showed an update at the current expenses for this year’s plan.  So far we have used $45,210.27 without one day for subs and without summer pay for aides.  We are allowed to carry over about $7000 of our budgeted total.
  • We would like to thank the board for a great community council year.  We are sad to be losing some of the members of our board to the current boundary change. 
  • Next year during Back to School Night we will have elections for new members and renewing current members.  We would like the board be aware of any new board members that would be interested in Community Council.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm
  • Next Meeting: August, planning before Back to School Night