2017 March Community Council Minutes

Community Council Minutes

Thursday, March 9, 2017 3:30pm

Attending: Alicia Coats, Justin Willie, Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Tom Ruiz, Christi Warr & Kenny Olsen

  • Welcome
  • Meeting is being held a week early so that deadlines can be made.
  • Justin reviewed current 2016-17 plan.  He updated us on the purchase of new headphones to replace old ones in the labs and the Chromebook carts.  We also discussed the new typing program that we are going to purchase to have students practice typing on their own account.  They would be able to start and stop at their own time.  After spending for those couple of things that leaves us with about the 10% that we are allowed to have as carry over into next year.
  • Justin discussed the new 2017-18 Plan.  As a council we agreed to keep most of the plan similar to what we have done in the past.  We all agreed that spending the money on people is one of the great assets of trustlands.  The one thing that we did want to change was that Goal #5 is going to be added as an action step into all of the Goals.  We also discussed that we are eliminating C4L due to the lack of interest by the teachers.  We also added some printing supplies, so many of the new programs are digital and teachers are in need of printing so that was added to the budget as an action item.
  • Alicia motioned to approve the new plan, it was 2nd by Lynne.  All were in favor with an email vote by Chris.
  • Justin explained that Kanesville was going to introduce a new discipline procedure in the common areas of the school.   It is called and Ooops Ticket.  The ticket can be filled out by a recess aide, or PLC aide to inform and keep track of issues students may or may not be having at school.
  • The estimated amount that is planned to be dispersed to Kanesville is $79,988.  We all discussed that it may go down just a bit due to the losing of students to Country View.  The amount of students we may or may not lose is unknown at this time.
  • Next Meeting: April 26, 2017