2017 January Community Council Minutes

Community Council Minutes

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 1:30pm

Attending: Alicia Coats, Justin Willie, Lori Lay, Tom Ruiz, Betsy Ray, Christi Warr, Chris Ruiz, Kenny Olsen, Patti Nielson  For VexiQ demonstration: Kristie Herzog & Jen Davis

  • Welcome-Introductions
  • Vex Demonstration-Jen Davis, Kristie Herzog explained to the council what the Vex Robotics program is doing in our school.  Vex meets at least once a week, students have planned and built robots that are used in competitions with other schools.  Right now Kanesville has 4 teams and would love to be able to grow.  On each team they are required to do a STEM project, similar to a science project based on the theme of Vex for the year.  3 students, James Bee, Kennedy Morris, and Emma Davis presented their teams STEM project.  During competition they are to work with other schools to get the highest points.  2 team, Dante Coats, Dominic Coats, Ethan Graham and Jack Doxey showed how teams work together to get the greatest points.  Jack Doxey showed the engineering notebook.  Evan Winn, Josh Osterhought and Kyler Morris showed how teams have to build a program to have their robot move autonomously (by itself). The demonstration was very informative and showed some great things happening at Kanesville.
  • Review Current Budget-
    • Justin reviewed where our current budget is.  He also stated that the Professional Development-Professional Learning Community at Work Institute Conference…has been approved by the district and booked.  Last meeting council members were concerned about how we would measure this goal.  Since then Justin has talked to Paula Plant (the advisor of Trustland Funds) and she advised the conference would just be an action step to help our school make our goals and helped create the amendment.
    • Kenny voiced that he was concerned about the news of the Land Swap impacting our budget this upcoming year.
    • Justin gave the anticipated funds for the upcoming year, taking into account there will be a boundary change and school size will differ slightly.  He stated the amount the district is anticipating is $79,988. 
    • Justin also went on to review our goals as a council
      • Goal #1 was that we increase grades 3-6 in SAGE at least 1% and Kanesville surpassed that goal by raising it 3.25% in Language Arts.  In addition to raising it 5% overall with Science, Math and ELA included.
      • Goal #2, Phonemic Segmentation, Patti Nielson was there to explain how that is tested with DIBELS, breaking down the sounds of words.  All most all of Phonemic Segmentation is done before 1st grade, as a council we have decided to change the wording in our next Goals to include Oral Reading Fluency which is closer to what 1st and 2nd graders are being tested on.
      • Goal #3 is 80% of 1st and 2nd graders will be proficient in Oral Reading Fluency (WPM), Patti updated that as of right now we are at 22% for 1st grade and 26% for 2nd grade that have not made those goals.  She believes we are right on track and by the end of the year we should have well above our goals.
      • Goal #4 Hire a computer teacher-We have and she has done wonderful
      • Goal #5 C4L Survey, Alicia updated Christi that the C4L was a survey to help learn about our students learning environment.  Lori explained that in her class she uses it to notice when subjects are more difficult and if she needs to make sure students are understanding the topic. It was discussed that next year we will possibly not fund that survey and allow the teachers to create their own type of survey.  Kenny and Chris were concerned about the algorithms that are being used for that survey that we would not be able to recreate.   The council discussed if we would we have to create a survey that it would be much too difficult.  It was explained that the teachers would be able to create their own and the council would not be responsible to come up with that information.  Also for this current year Justin is planning to send out the survey to the parents.  The council is hoping to get positive feedback.
      • Justin also discussed that for next year’s plan we will be able to simplify our plan and create action steps to utilize our plans effectiveness.  In addition to simplifying the council would also like to condense the phrasing of hiring substitutes for Child Study team to be cove the cost to also include Professional Development.
  • Kanesville’s Amazing Anonymous Donation
    • Benefiting the council in not having to purchase as much technology Kanesville has been the recipient of an anonymous donation of 100 iPads, 30 for 1st, 2nd and Kindergarten and 10 for EL services.  As well as that amazing donation of ipads Kanesville has also been given 30 new projectors for Smartboards. This donation is unbelievable and the council was so grateful for such a huge contribution to Kanesville.
  • Next Meeting: March 15, 2017 discussing planning, updating on scores.
    • April 26, 2017