Community Council Minutes

September 12, 2018

Welcome: Mr. Willie

Election of New Chair: It was decided that Lory Peterson would be the chairperson this year. All were in favor.

View Training Video: The training video included responsibilities and organization of the community council.

Review of Current Plan: Mr. Willie reviewed the goals for this year including whether or not we would have reached them last year. A projection of spending was included. The majority of the plan is earmarked for aide time.

Set Meeting Dates for Remainder of Year:

December 12, 2018 3:00 pm

February 20, 2018 3:00 pm

April 10, 2018 3:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: Lory Peterson


Community Council Minutes

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 1:30pm

Attending: Lory Peterson, Nic Shellabarger, Amy Berry, Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Justin Willie, Alicia Coats

  1. Welcome
    • Approval of Minutes- Lori Lay motioned to approve and Lynne Hamp seconded.
  2. Re-electing Members
    • The chair position is available
    • Lori Lay will be replaced as a teacher, Colette Erickson will be added to the ballot in the fall, please keep eyes and ears out for others interested in being part of the community council over summer. We will have the ballot at back to school night on August 20th.
  3. New Teacher Hires/Last Day Procedures
    • Kanesville has hired 3 new (to our school) teachers in grades 1st, 4th and 5th. We are excited to add them to the Kanesville family.
    • Last Day Procedures-since the class sizes are fluctuating, we will not be announcing which teacher the student has on the last day of school. They will be able to find out via the weber portal on August 6th.
  4. Final Budget- Mr. Willie. Our final budget is looking promising, covering many aide salaries and also paying $6,200 to have teachers attend the Solution Tree Conference in September.  We still have a few supplies and subs to pay for but looking at carrying over about $6,000.
  5. Elections will be in August
  6. Next Meeting: October 2018

Community Council Meeting Minutes

February 28, 2018    1:30-2:30 pm

Attending: Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Amy Berry, Colette Erickson, Justin Willie, Nic Shellabarger, Lory Peterson, Kenny Olsen and Alicia Coats

  1. Welcome-Alicia Coats
    • Approval of Minutes: Justin approved, second by Lynne Hamp
  2. Jean Hansen- DIBEL’s
    • Jean explained how DIBEL’s work, how they are managed in Kanesville and how each student is tested.
    • Nic requested that students are encouraged to read without speed but with more intensive thinking.
  1. 6th Grade Dance-Lori Lay
    • Kanesville’s 6th Grade was attacked by the media. Horrible emails and messages came into the school with a misunderstanding of what was going on.
    • We have an amazing school and a wonderful support of the teachers. Everything was handled correctly and the students had a great time.
  1. Mr. Willie- Trustland Review
    • 2018-19 Plan will need to be approved digitally.
    • Our school plan is effective and had benefited our school using most of the allocated funds for aides in the classrooms.
    • We are projecting $74,000 for next year’s plan
    • Due: March 9, 2018

Dismissed at 2:30

Next Meeting: April 25, 2018 @1:30pm

Community Council Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2018    1:30-2:30 pm

Attending: Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Amy Berry, Colette Erickson, Justin Willie, Nic Shellabarger, Lory Peterson, Kenny Olsen and Alicia Coats

  1. Welcome-Alicia Coats
    • Approval of Minutes: Justin approved, second by Lynne Hamp
  2. Lorraine Vanderwood-Computers
    • Lorraine is the computer teacher at Kanesville Elementary. She taught the board how to sign into a chromebook and logged everyone into typing club. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are the majority of Kanesville computers. Trustland funds purchased the online program “Typing Club” for students 3-6 to learn to type. She explained benefits helping the students on standardized tests and on classroom assignments. Stundent’s typing skills have improved from last year. She enjoys that it is self-paced and engaging. It includes games and videos.  
  3. PRIDE Tickets-Lori Lay and Lynne Hamp
    • Kanesville’s goal and the goal to benefit students with positive reinforcement is always 4:1. Kanesville has implemented PRIDE tickets to reward the students around Kanesville that are doing awesome jobs. It also give the recess and lunch aides power to be able to reward the students that are following directions. One example was a 1st grade student that was walking by construction workers that were painting Kanesville’s walls and she overly thanked them and told them how they were doing the most wonderful job and she was so thankful for them. Great things happen and Kanesville and the school wants to make sure the students are reinforced for being amazing.
  4. Willie- Trustland Review
    • 2017-18 Trustland Plan
      1. Trustland Plan is helping our school. Data has all gone down. Trustland pays for an aide for reading fluency and interventions. Supplying aides to read with students is in our school opinion the more beneficial to the students.
    • Justin mentioned the trial of vertical PLC’s and working together with all grades
    • Solution Tree is available for next year in October 2018. Teachers are interested in going and the first one has benefited the school in lots of ways. Mr. Willie explained benefits of teacher PLC’s. The fourth rotation was discussed that we don’t want it to be a waste of time for the students. Nic was concerned that it needed more structure. Collette was interested in bringing a retired teacher to teach music and arts. Bev Tayler Sorensen is a sponsorship through Weber State. Kanesville would still like more information and is unable to create a plan on how to implement this in our school.

Dismissed at 2:30

Next Meeting February 28th, 2018 @1:30pm

Community Council Minutes

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:30pm

Attending: Alicia Coats, Justin Willie, Lori Lay, Lynne Hamp, Tom Ruiz, Christi Warr & Kenny Olsen

  • Welcome
  • Justin announced that the 2017-18 Budget Plan was approved.  He showed an update at the current expenses for this year’s plan.  So far we have used $45,210.27 without one day for subs and without summer pay for aides.  We are allowed to carry over about $7000 of our budgeted total.
  • We would like to thank the board for a great community council year.  We are sad to be losing some of the members of our board to the current boundary change. 
  • Next year during Back to School Night we will have elections for new members and renewing current members.  We would like the board be aware of any new board members that would be interested in Community Council.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm
  • Next Meeting: August, planning before Back to School Night


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